All You Need To Know About Canine Core Vaccines

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The best prevention against major infectious diseases is vaccination. Some vaccines are options, while others are considered core vaccines. However, all of them aim to help a dog's body produce antibodies that neutralize infections and diseases. This article will discuss core canine vaccination for pets at Bloomfield Animal Hospital in Lakewood, California, and all you should know about it as a responsible dog owner.

Mandatory Vaccines for Pets in Lakewood CA Area

Core Vaccines For Dogs - All You Need To Know

Here is what you should know about mandatory canine vaccinations:

  • There are four core vaccines for dogs. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, the core vaccines that must be administered to every dog are parvovirus (highly contagious viral disease), distemper (the virus that attacks the gastrointestinal, respiratory, and nervous systems), canine rabies vaccine (a viral disease causing encephalitis), and adenovirus (a type of virus causing mild to severe infection)
  • There are also non-core vaccines. These vaccines are not mandatory and are necessary only in certain circumstances. Most non-core vaccines are used depending on the exposure risk of a dog. The risk is determined by the dog's lifestyle and the geographic distribution of a particular virus or disease. Examples of non-core vaccines are the canine Bordetella vaccine, the canine Lyme vaccine, the Western diamondback rattlesnake toxoid, and others
  • You should start canine vaccinations early. Your dog should receive its first vaccine at six to eight weeks of age when it is still a puppy. Then, vaccinations should be repeated every three weeks until about four months. It is crucial to stay current with your puppy's vaccination schedule. Adhering to this schedule helps your puppy grow healthy and avoid common diseases and infections
  • Skipping mandatory dog vaccines is a bad idea. You should never skip or delay dog vaccinations. Vaccines help your dog build a strong immune system and live a long and healthy life

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Bloomfield Animal Hospital - Core Vaccines For Pets in Lakewood, California

Do you live in Lakewood, California, and are you looking for an animal clinic specializing in mandatory canine vaccinations? Do not look any further - Bloomfield Animal Hospital is the one you should contact. Our mission is to help pets, including dogs, stay healthy and prevent canine diseases and infections.

For over 30 years, our animal hospital has provided the medical, surgical, and emergency care local pets need. Bloomfield Animal Hospital is a family-owned clinic, and we focus on providing services in a friendly and warm atmosphere. If you want to schedule your first appointment with us or get more information about vaccinations, do not hesitate to call us today at 562 383-7788.
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Bloomfield Animal Hospital is a trusted name in pets’ preventive, medical, surgical, and emergency care in Lakewood, CA. With a 30-year history as a family-owned pet clinic, it’s reputed for providing modern services in a warm, friendly environment. It’s one of the few veterinary hospitals to be AAHA-accredited.

Dr. Jose Arambulo, owner and chief veterinarian is experienced in treating eye, ear, and skin disorders and is especially interested in internal medicine, dentistry and soft tissue surgery. The hospital also utilizes the services of board-certified veterinarians, Dr. Ann Reed – Radiologist, and Dr. Fred Brewer – Cardiologist.