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A guide to keeping your cat calm for a stress-free vet visit

keeping your cat calm at Bloomfield Animal Hospital, Dr. Jose Arambulo
Undue stress is not good for you, nor is it good for your cat! At Bloomfield Animal Hospital, Dr. Jose Arambulo and the rest of our team ensure your cat’s visit to our AAHA-accredited hospital is comfortable and stress-free. We make it as easy as possible to maintain the routine, preventive veterinary care that supports our feline friends’ health and quality of life.

Complete Care for Cats

Your cat is our priority. We offer many amenities and special touches that cannot be found at other veterinary hospitals and clinics in Lakewood and across Los Angeles County, California. From the moment your pet arrives, we help them to relax with the following techniques and products:
  • Applying a calming spray, Feliway®, to a towel provided upon arrival. So your pet remains at ease during your wait in our lobby.
  • Providing tasty veterinarian-approved treats to take a bite out of stress
  • Offering a feline-only exam room (since canine patients may only add to your kitty’s anxiety and fear)
We can even ensure that your pet is as relaxed as possible before they get here! After all, half of the battle may be getting your frisky feline into a carrier. Anything unfamiliar can be scary. We provide suggestions and “tricks” to reduce the stress of transporting kitty from your home to our “home.” Generally, we recommend:
  • Creating a safe space – Keep the carrier in an accessible area that your cat actually likes. Add their favorite blankets or toys. Encourage them to use the carrier regularly before your visit as a relaxing sanctuary.
  • Be patient – If your pet resists getting into the carrier, take it easy. We can advise on good treats to aid in this process. Entice with a favorite toy. It’s always best to get our cats to do things for themselves. But, if you must place your pet in the carrier, do so gently, soothingly, and reassuringly.
  • Be safe – Once your pet is in the carrier, never pick it up by the handles. Always lift by holding on to the bottom of the carrier. This approach helps to ensure safety, stability, and comfort by limiting movement and preventing accidents caused by broken handles. Also, avoid transporting your cat with a harness and leash. Safety first.
  • Encourage “crate training” – Practice keeping your cat in the carrier. When cats enter their new favorite space, close the door. Assure them that they are safe. Try to keep your pet in the carrier a little longer each time. Soon, this space will not be a big deal to them because they will know it well and even like it.
  • Minimize stressors while traveling – It may be wise to cover the carrier with a favorite blanket before heading out the door. This helps to shut out stressful sights and buffers anxiety-inducing sounds. Place the carrier in a stable spot, such as on the floor between the back and front seats. Be aware of stressful sounds. Keep the radio low and speak quietly and calmly.
  • Go slow – Once you get home, especially if it’s been a long stay at our hospital, take time to reintroduce your cat to any other pets in the home. Isolate them in a separate, quiet room. Monitor for other pets’ reactions, such as hissing, and wait before reacquainting them again.
Of course, we are also happy to answer your questions and provide tailored tips and guidance to keep your cat calm. Call (562) 383-7788 to reach our friendly team in Lakewood, CA, and to schedule an appointment at Bloomfield Animal Hospital.


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