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Pet Evacuation Kit

Written By: Melissa G.

Pet Evacuation Kit Living in California we do have our fair share of natural disasters, such as fires, floods, landslides and earthquakes. We should all be prepared at a moments notice to leave our homes. These types of notices can be very stressful to us, but can you imagine how stressed your pet will be? Our pets are part of our family and we must look out for them as well. If you ever have to leave your house please take your pet with you; in these types of situations we do not know when, or even if, we can go back home.

One thing that you should remember is you are evacuated, is that you most likely your local veterinary office will have to evacuate as well. You also cannot rely on your phone or internet, there may be no service or power to keep your phone charged, so it is imperative that you have physical copies of everything.

The following are what we suggest you have ready for your pet:

Crate/Carrier: In evacuation centers, they may require you to confine your pet. It is important that you have a properly sized crate/carrier. Your pet should be able to stand up and make one complete rotation inside comfortably. You can also use your pets’ carrier/crate to store all their necessities. This will be useful in the event you have to leave suddenly.
Bedding/Towels/Toys: Have plenty of comfortable bedding or towels available for your pet. Something from home that will comfort your pet. Also have toys, you will be able to take your pet out of the crate/carrier and you will need use up that energy your pet may have.
Pet Evacuation Kit Image 1
Copy of your pets' medical record: It is very important you have a physical copy of your pets records, especially their vaccine record. Place the copy in a Ziploc bag. The evacuation center will determine their own rules but in the past they will not accept your pet if they are not current with Dog: DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies and Feline: FVRCP and Rabies
Leash/Collar: This is important to have so you can transport your pet safely.
Pet food, water and bowls: You should have at least 1 weeks' worth.
Cat litter and disposable trays
Microchip: Having your pet microchipped is a great way to be reunited with your pet if he/she is ever lost. Have a copy of their microchip number and the phone number of the company the microchipped is registered with written down. You can place this information in with your pets medical Ziploc bag.
Picture of yourself with your pet: Having a physical picture of you and your pet is a great way to establish ownership of your pet in the event that he/she gets lost. It will also serve as a great way to make flyers in case you need to.
Pet medication: If your pet is on daily medication have at least 1 months’ worth of medication available. Just be sure that the medication is in the original packaging and/or vial from your veterinary office
Pet Evacuation Kit Image 2
Pet first aid kit: These are relatively easy to make but ask your veterinarian for advice.
Flea protection: We always recommend that you have some flea protection in your kit. Especially if you are in evacuation center you would want to protect your pet against fleas
Hotel/Motel List: Have a list of hotels/motels that are pet friendly within a 10-mile radius of your house. Make sure you print it out and you can place your list with your pets’ medical records.
Family/Friends: Have a list of your close friends and family that you can rely on. The list should consist of names, addresses and phone numbers. This is list will come in handy not only for your pet, but yourself. Make sure you add this to your Ziploc bag.
Veterinary office: Have a business card of your veterinarian in your Ziploc bag

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