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20927 Norwalk Blvd
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Your feedback is important! We want to hear about your experiences at Bloomfield Animal Hospital. If your pet is currently being seen or treated here as a patient, please complete this brief Client Experience Questionnaire to help us serve you better in the future.

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"I was attended quickly even though I came in with no appointment, they were able to fit me in. The front desk was incredibly kind and helpful, as well as the vet tech and Dr. I will most definitely be coming back because of their excellent care."

Leslie P.
"My cat is a difficult patient. Diva and Melissa are great with her and Dr. A is very understanding. They help me feel better about the whole stressful situation of bringing my kitty to the vet!"

Kim P.
"All the people who works there are kind and nice and they really care for the animals"

Lorena M.
"I can't speak highly enough of the staff and experience we had earlier today at Bloomfield. We made the costly mistake of going elsewhere first and received subpar service and even less information regarding emergency liver issues our adored family cat is experiencing. Hannah and Diva were not only compassionate and knowledgeable but they went above and beyond to make sure all of my questions we're answered and I was completely comfortable administering several different medications, they even stayed after hours to go over the different payment options available to me. From now on I will always recommend Bloomfield and will never take our pets anywhere else. This experience was a bright spot in an extremely gloomy time for our family.Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "

Shawnee K.
"Lakewood close to walking distance. Very nice friendly Dr s & staff ."

Rose K.
"My family loves Bloomfield. All of the staff is very pleasant and kind. Dr. A is the best! They have a very clean facility and truly care about all the pets they service. I first came to them when I purchased a puppy who seemed to be sick. They ran multiple tests and were able to figure out what was wrong and they saved his life. Very thankful and appreciative to this amazing staff."

Jeanette S.
"Great service and know what is best for your little ones :)"

Jordyn J.
"Take great care of my puppy Hazel"

Brigitte S.
"My dog (siberian Husky ) has been seeing Dr.A and the staff at Bloomfield Animal Hospital since she was 7 weeks old now 6 months old (from her shots to spaying). I was referred to Bloomfield Animal Hospital by my aunt who has been taking her dogs there for over 15 years. They are the best and have the friendliest staff (Dr.A, Melissa, Katey, Diva, Jessica, Hannah). My husky was having allergies and conjunctivitis discharge from an eye recently and Dr.A prescribed some medicine and drops and she is back to normal. Love Bloomfield Animal Hospital!"

Edward R.
"Great service, great prices. The staff is very friendly and my dog is well taken care of whenever she has an appointment! This has been my animal hospital for about 3 years now!"

Cyrill B.
"Great and friendly staff. Plus it was nice and clean didn't stink at all like most vets do."

Tiffany L
"As always, Dr. A and the entire staff at Bloomfield Animal Hospital took excellent care of my dogs. All diagnostics were explained thoroughly and treatment options discussed. Thanks to everyone for making Sam's, Ellie's and my experience great, once again!"

Shannon G.
"It was a bit expensive. $142 to treat an ear infection. But, it was hands down the most modern facility I've seen. During check up they entered details on computer. They even took a picture. They had a self rising examination table/scale. Also the staff was friendly and definitely cared about animals. I had been home for about 20 minutes when they called with lab results. All of this made the cost a good value."

Eric P.
"I made the call later in the day for an appointment and was able to get in to see the doctor within an hour and a half. I was taken to a room right away and waited a very short time for Dr. A to come in. Diva assisted Dr. A, and she is an excellent employee. I am very pleased with the care my animals have received at Bloomfield Animal Hospital over the years, and highly recommend anyone to come here."

Marie A.
"I brought my greyhound, Tammy, in for her annual exam and immunizations. Tammy has the typical greyhound yucky-mouth, so I was dreading the discussion about her teeth. Dr. A and Diva explained which teeth may need to come out, and did a great job explaining the estimate to me. Dr. A also instructed his staff to make a note on Tammy's dental appointment to honor this month's dental discount, even though her appointment is next month. When I called later to schedule an appointment for my other greyhound, who also has typical greyhound yucky-mouth, Dr. A agreed to apply this month's discount to his appointment as well, even though his appointment is a week after Tammy's. That went above and beyond my expectations. All in all, the care Tammy received and the customer service I received were consistent with the great care Bloomfield has provided to all of my pets."

Suzie T.
"Dr. A, the vet techs, the reception and Diva the groomer (have I missed anyone?) are super nice, helpful and knowledgeable people. I've been taking my dogs to Bloomfield Animal Hospital for nearly 20 years now. My first dog was people and dog aggressive but Dr. A and his staff were very cool and skilled in treating her. My current dog is a sweetheart so office visits aren't quite as traumatic (for the staff and for me anyway although the dog may beg to differ). Even though my dog doesn't exactly enjoy her visits there, I trust that she is well looked after and that her health and well-being are at the forefront of all involved in her care. That's obviously an important aspect of continuing our relationship with this practice. I've heard some neighbors who've also taken their dogs to Bloomfield Animal Hospital complain that the prices were a bit high and that you end up buying stuff at a higher price there than you would finding the same or similar products online. But the staff and Dr. A have been fine about me finding things online if I wanted to go that route; there's no sales pressure whatsoever. That being said, sometimes it's more convenient to buy supplements and meds from the office anyway. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. A has been very patient and has taken time to explain things to me even though I know the guy is pretty much booked solid most days. He helps me make informed decisions regarding my dog's health and I really appreciate that. And when it was time to put my first dog down due to kidney failure, he and the staff were extremely compassionate. Believe me, those of us who love and honor our pets until the end will all end up there at some point. Whether you're caring for the health of or saying goodbye to a beloved furry family member, that's exactly what you want: knowledge, patience and compassion. That's been my experience at this practice."

"I love bringing my big boy here because the staff is so great with him. They take care of him and show him so much affection even though he can be intimidating to others because he's a pit. He's never scared when we go and looks so happy when I pick him up. I would definitely recommend this vet to my friends and they also take care credit as payment which is a plus for me to keep him as healthy as can be. The office is very clean and a lot nicer then most places I've been to. And the doctor is very helpful and gentle and is willing to answer any questions. Great place and staff!"

Krystal G.
"Efficient caring staff always leave with a happy pet."

Violet F.
"Dr. A. listens and spends time unhurriedly with patient and pet parent. While in the waiting area, I overhear other clients who have their favorite veterinary assistants for their finesse with pet grooming and other veterinary skills."

Betty U.
"Of all the vets I've taken my baby Poko, Bloomfield Animal Hospital exceeded all my expectations. I use to go to VCA and that place just wiped my wallet clean and my dog still wasn't properly diagnosed, until my friend recommended Dr. Arambulo to me. He did comprehensive blood work on my dog and found out my dog was allergic to 22 different things! Chicken was one of them, and I've fed him Beneful all this time (oops). Once we administered his allergy medicine the coughing, sneezing, tons of rashes, and red eyes finally stopped! This place really is the best. The staff is very friendly and professional. I couldn't think of a better place to care for my Poko than Bloomfield Animal Hospital! :)"

Alissa E.
"Our family has way to MANY animals and Dr. A and his staff are always accommodating. We have been bringing our animals their for approx 10 years. It is a little bit of a drive for us but well worth it. I have one dog with Addison's disease and she was having an episode and I called at 5:45. Dr. A stayed open while I brought her in. Hannah hated the specialist she was going to up in Orange County for her treatment. Dr. A said he would start treating her for me. Hannah sees where we are in the car and she is at the office door before I can get out of the car. She loves it, not to mention the "cookie" jar on the receptionists desk. That is just the kind of doctor he is. Dr. Arambalo's staff is WONDERFUL and I like how he is willing to teach his staff and encourage them to continue in school. Yes his office is tiny but that makes it all the more personal. Its like the Cheers bar "everyone knows your name". To me that is worth its weight in gold right their. My animals are comfortable which makes me happy."

Janice A.
"I took my dog Ace for allergy testing as a last resort because I had already seen his vet for four years and a dermatogist for his issues. The vet couldn't figure it out and kept giving him cortizone shots, and the dermatologist quoted upwards of $1500.00 for the testing and shots. I went here because my cousin told me to give it a try, and I was amazed at what they did in a short time. They put him on some medication to get his swelling down in his eyes until the allergy tests came back. Once they came back, they put him on a year plan and it wasn't close to the cost of the dermatologist we had seen. Its been a month and Ace's face has cleared up, he acts like the puppy he never got to be and he is an utterly happy dog now. The staff is amazingly kind and helpful, they don't seem to book several clients at the same time, so you can get in and out quick and from my past experiences they charge less than the big chain vets do."

"I have been seeing Dr Arambulo for years have trusted him and his staff with the care of all of my pets. Recently, they have moved to a bigger location, and are now known as Bloomfield Animal Hospital - the location is great, except when school gets out and kids walking down the sidewalk block the entrance, but other than that, the office is bigger, and more comfortable. Their new equipment, preliminary examination rooms, and large examination/surgery room are awesome! I had the pleasure of meeting another Dr on the staff by the name of Dr Ricky, and she was great. All in all, I love my pets dearly, and Dr A and his staff have always given great service to all of them. Sure, the prices are not much to sing about, but when are they ever? In shopping around before choosing Dr A's establishment, I found that everyone's prices are comparable. I don't think they are outrageous - its totally affordable. I totally recommend Bloomfield Animal Hospital to anyone looking for a great vet. I would also say that, if you are looking to become more educated on the care of your pet, you need only ask. If there is a concern about the treatment given to your pet, ask questions. The same as you would do for yourself at a clinic or hospital. A vet's office is much like a human doctor's office in that, the doctors are busy, but if you ask questions they are more than happy to give you answers. Anyway, I totally recommend this place!"

Leslie B.
"I've been taking my dog Mitsu here ever since she was a puppy. She loves the staff and Dr. A! Their new groomer Diva is also great with Mitsu. Mitsu isn't too cooperative with other groomers that she's been to, but she seems to like Diva who gives amazing furcuts! I always recommend my friends and family to them. :)"

Tricia E.

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"As always, Dr. A and the entire staff at Bloomfield Animal Hospital took excellent care of my dogs. All diagnostics were explained thoroughly and treatment options discussed. Thanks to everyone for making Sam's, Ellie's and my experience great, once again!"

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