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Vet Hospital in Lakewood CA Area
Bloomfield Animal Hospital is proud to provide complete veterinary services in Lakewood, California. From preventative care to surgery, our team is dedicated to offering quality services throughout the life of your pet. Our goal is always to deliver individualized medical care tailored to your pet's unique needs.

Preventative Care

Our entire health care team is dedicated to becoming your partner in your pets' health. One of the most important ways to help ensure they live a long and healthy life is through yearly exams. We can provide a thorough physical during these appointments, conduct any necessary tests, and provide routine vaccinations to help prevent any serious health problems. Some of our preventative services include:
  • Flea and tick control
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Dentistry

Surgical and Lab Services

We specialize in providing best-in-class diagnostic, lab, and surgical services at Bloomfield Animal Hospital. We offer a range of soft tissue surgeries using state-of-the-art technology.

Our surgical services and equipment include safe anesthesia, endoscopy, microchipping, and ECG.

In the lab, our services include hematology, serology, urinalysis, and parasite testing, among others. We can also provide on-site digital x-rays and an on-call radiologist for ultrasounds.

Urgent Care

Bloomfield Animal Hospital provides comprehensive treatment for pet emergencies. We utilize the latest diagnostic technologies to assess your pet's health as quickly as possible. If we cannot provide a particular service for some reason, we will provide a referral to one of several 24-hour urgent care facilities that we know and trust.

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We value and care for your pets as part of our family

Above all, Bloomfield Animal Hospital focuses on wholly customized care for your pet. We understand the loving bond you share with your pet, and we are dedicated to a lifetime of health for every stage of your pet's health.

If you are in the Lakewood, California, area and are looking for veterinary services such as pet wellness, dental health, diagnostics, and surgery, we welcome you as part of the Bloomfield family. Call us at (562) 383-7788 to learn more.
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Bloomfield Animal Hospital is a trusted name in pets’ preventive, medical, surgical, and emergency care in Lakewood, CA. With a 30-year history as a family-owned pet clinic, it’s reputed for providing modern services in a warm, friendly environment. It’s one of the few veterinary hospitals to be AAHA-accredited.

Dr. Jose Arambulo, owner and chief veterinarian is experienced in treating eye, ear, and skin disorders and is especially interested in internal medicine, dentistry and soft tissue surgery. The hospital also utilizes the services of board-certified veterinarians, Dr. Ann Reed – Radiologist, and Dr. Fred Brewer – Cardiologist.