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Digital X-Rays and Access to Ultrasound

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We are pleased to provide cutting-edge technologies at the Bloomfield Animal Hospital facility in Lakewood, CA, for one very important reason – quick, accurate diagnosis. Digital x-rays and access to an ultrasound help us get to the root of your pet's problem efficiently, so that treatment and healing may begin without delay.

Digital x-rays

Digital veterinary radiographs are simply x-rays without film. They provide clear images of organs, bones, and joints, while exposing your pet to much less radiation. Digital x-rays are fast, painless, and have these additional advantages over traditional x-rays:
  • Images are incredibly clear.
  • The pictures may be manipulated – enlarged, enhanced, and rotated – to aid in accurate diagnosis.
  • Together, you and your veterinarian can review the images on a computer monitor to help you understand your pet’s condition and make informed treatment decisions.
  • We can email the images to you, to another provider (such as a veterinary specialist), to your pet insurance company, or provide them on a compact disc.
We find digital x-rays indispensable in examination and precise diagnosis of obstructions, ingested objects, masses, tumors, broken bones, and arthritis. Digital x-rays are part of our pet dental examinations, too.


Veterinary ultrasound equipment is similar to that used in human medicine. As high frequency sound waves bounce off of tissues, they produce images of what is inside the body. This technology is invaluable in confirming whether your pet is pregnant, providing litter count, and assessing the pre-natal health of puppies or kittens. We use ultrasound to detect tumors, monitor effectiveness of certain treatments, and to aid in diagnosis of complex internal medical cases. Ultrasound technology provides a painless method of screening for liver, kidney, bladder, spleen, and heart conditions.

Dr. Reed, who is a Board-certified radiologist, works with us on an "on call" basis. Dr. Reed provides the most comfortable methods available to get fast, accurate answers. With these services under one roof, your travel and appointment time is reduced, and your pet gets the best possible care from the people you know and trust in a familiar setting.

We hope your pet never needs advanced diagnostics, but isn’t it nice to know that it is right here, just in case. Call Bloomfield Animal Hospital today at (562) 383-7788 to become a client.


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