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Dog and cat eating
Providing wholesome food is one of the most important ways to help your pet stay well and live a long time. Bloomfield Animal Hospital offers high-quality dry and canned foods, vitamins, and supplements to keep your pet healthy and active for many years. Our veterinarians also provide nutritional counseling such as the following tips.

The vital role of fresh water in pet diets is often overlooked. An animal should have about two and a half times as much water as food each day. It is best to be sure your pet has access to clean, cool water at all times.

Both dogs and cats are naturally carnivorous, so protein is essential to their wellbeing. Lean animal products supply the highest quality protein. However, an older pet may benefit from a lower protein diet, such as a food that combines animal and vegetable proteins. The protein called taurine cannot be synthesized by cats, so it is always a good idea to provide a food made for your pet’s own species.

Fats are high energy source, and vital for the health of skin and coat. However, some fats cannot be easily digested and utilized by pets, leading to health problems. Superior quality foods have the right types and balance of fats, derived from plants and animals, to keep pets in the glow of good health.

Carbohydrates are another great source of energy for pets. However, poor-quality foods are loaded with carbs because they are cheaper to produce than foods with balanced nutrition. Your pet stores energy from excess carbs as fat. It is much easier to prevent obesity with good nutrition and exercise, than it is to help a pet lose extra pounds.

Vitamins and minerals comprise the smallest portion of your pet’s food in mass. They are vital, though to a healthy nervous system. They allow your pet’s body to process bio-chemicals that fight disease, keep bones and teeth strong, aid in cell regeneration, and support heart health.

A word about table scraps . . . "People food" does not provide the balanced nutrition your pet needs to live well, and some can be harmful or fatal to animals. The more you feed table scraps, the less your pet will want to eat his or her own food. A good rule of thumb is to limit treats from the table to no more than five percent of your pet's daily food intake, and NONE is better. Why not substitute nutritious pet treats instead, while you enjoy your own dinner.

Good nutrition now can help to prevent diseases later, avoid kidney stones, and keep bones, joints, and lower back healthy. We recommend the proper type of food for young, adult, or senior pets; diet formulations to get your pet back to a healthy weight; and hypoallergenic foods for pets with skin issues. Bloomfield Animal Hospital is your partner in preventing illness and promoting vigorous health through pet nutrition. Call us today at (562) 383-7788 to learn more.


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