How to Prepare Your Pet for Surgery

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Pet Surgical Protocols in Lakewood CA Area
If your dog is about to go to a vet clinic for surgery, you must take the proper steps to ensure their safety. If your pet is scheduled for surgery, odds are you've already received instructions from your vet on how to prepare your animal for general anesthesia. You must follow all these instructions. Consider this list to be some vital reminders of what to do, but ultimately follow the pet surgical protocols from your vet.

Preparing your Pet for Surgery

Do not allow your pet to eat for at least 12 hours before the surgery. Food in the stomach can travel to the esophagus and choke an animal while they are under general anesthesia. The anesthesia itself will also dampen the swallowing reflex, which can also cause your pet to choke. If your animal does eat something by accident, call the vet office and reschedule the surgery. The office will be much happier to reschedule an appointment than have a medical emergency during surgery.

Check with your vet about medication. Depending on the type of medicine your dog or cat is on, your vet may or may not tell you to give it to your animal. Be sure to follow their instructions strictly.

Rest and relax. Surgeries go best when your pet is calm and relaxed. Do a few things to make your animal feel comfortable, like going for a walk, playing a game, or allowing them to play with a toy. Before the 12-hour window begins, give your pet their favorite snacks and food. Keep the atmosphere in your house calm, do not do anything to scare or frighten your animal. Keep yourself occupied as well; animals can sense when the people around them are worried or nervous.

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