When might Lakewood area pet parents need a prescription for dog food?

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Dr. Arambulo Jose at Bloomfield Animal Hospital explains when might Lakewood area pet parents need a prescription for dog food.
Nutrition helps maintain your pet’s overall health and wellness, while extending their lifespan with quality foods. However, not only is it important to work with Lakewood, CA veterinarian, Dr. Jose Arambulo of Bloomfield Animal Hospital. to choose the best food for your pet. You may, at some point, need to get a prescription from our doctor for food for your dog.

Why prescription food for your dog?

A proper diet is good for keeping your pet healthy, but a prescription may be needed for specialized food for your dog. When pets are diagnosed with certain conditions, you may need to manage their diet accordingly. This applies to gastrointestinal issues or organs that have medical concerns. There are many prescription foods out there that are designed to address certain conditions, including, but not limited to:
  • Cardiac disease
  • Early and advanced kidney disease
  • Obesity
  • Liver disease
  • Urinary disease
  • Food allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Geriatrics
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
Once a pet has been diagnosed with a certain condition, they may benefit from medications and management techniques. In addition, their condition may be reduced with the help of a prescription diet product. Foods improve overall diet and wellness, and prescription foods are created to assist pets with specific concerns such as those above.

How to purchase prescription foods for your pet

At Bloomfield Animal Hospital, we can help make it easier than ever to pick up prescription food for your pet. A prescription is often required for certain pet foods, and we encourage pet parents to purchase their pet’s food right where they receive their care and attention. If you plan on purchasing your food elsewhere, you will need a written prescription from our team to do so.

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What can I do for maintaining my pet’s weight?

A problem that many pet parents deal with is obesity. Maintaining your dog’s ideal body weight can avoid certain medical conditions caused by added weight, and can greatly improve their life expectancy. Obesity can lead to many problems including heart conditions, liver disease, and arthritis. When pets come in with added weight on their body, they are at risk. Our team of professionals can provide pet parents with the information they need to help lower their pet’s weight and maintain it at a more acceptable level. This can be done with regular exercise and prescription pet food. We have a line of prescription foods that are best for addressing concerns with weight management, and we encourage pet parents to feed their pet in line with the recommended feeding guidelines on the packaging. We may also recommend pet foods that are available at local pet stores, such as Royal Canin and Science Diet, which may be suitable for a dog or cat to consume along with an active lifestyle to take control of their weight.

Can my pet be on medication for their condition as well as prescription food?

Dr. Arambulo Jose at Bloomfield Animal Hospital explains whether your pet be on medication for their condition as well as prescription food Yes. At Bloomfield Animal Hospital, we work together with our pet parents to make sure that the pet is on a proper combination of food and medication to manage their condition. This is important, especially when it comes to mixing medications. We always make sure that medications can be combined safely when prescribing them.

Could prescription foods help my pet?

If your pet has a medical condition, speak to a veterinarian such as Dr. Jose Arambulo to determine if prescription pet food could be beneficial. It many cases, it could help in conjunction with prescription medications. Together, food and medicine could make a difference for your pet.

Do you feel as though your dog would benefit from prescription food?

Contact Dr. Jose Arambulo and his team of professionals at Bloomfield Animal Hospital today to learn more about the advantages of using prescription food (or veterinarian approved foods) for your pet. The office is located at 20927 Norwalk Boulevard in Lakewood, California. The friendly front office staff can be contacted by phone for an appointment at 562 383-7788. We welcome new pet families into our veterinary practice, and treat everyone like members of our own family!
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