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Proper nutrition for your pet

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Diet and Nutrition for Pets in Lakewood CA Area
At Bloomfield Animal Hospital in Lakewood, California, we want to make it simple for you to navigate nutrition for your pet. As an experienced veterinary team, we understand your pet's health needs for every stage of life. While every pet is unique, we've compiled the following guidelines to help you along the way.

Nutrition for puppies and kittens

Adult dog and cat foods do not meet the needs of puppies and kittens, so at the beginning, they will need food with a growth formula. For smaller breeds, they will need this for 12 months; for larger breeds, up to 24 months. This energy-dense food is not recommended for adult pets because it can lead to obesity. Feeding your pet the right formula can help them stay lean and grow at an ideal rate.

Healthy Adults

Healthy adult pets need high-quality formula food. You can utilize the guide on the food to determine the appropriate amount to feed. We can also work with you on how much to feed your pet based on their size and activity level.

We know how much you love to spoil your pets, so it's important to pick healthy options when it comes to treats. We will help you with suggestions that your pet will love while also avoiding potential health problems.

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Pets with food allergies

If your pet has a food allergy, we often recommend an elimination diet or ingredient challenge to determine the cause. Once the cause is identified, we start your pet on prescription food to keep it healthy. If you have more than one pet at home, they will all need to comply with the prescription foods and treats.

It's also important to note that pets are allergic to many types of human foods such as xylitol, raisins, and onions, so make sure to keep those away.

Senior Pets

Pets are considered senior when they are 7 years or older. A senior pet will need to switch to a senior formula food that accounts for lower activity and can also aid in joint health. We may also recommend specific vitamins or minerals.

Let us be your guide

Proper pet nutrition is vital to their health. We are in Lakewood, CA, and you can contact us today at (562) 383-7788, so we can help you.
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Bloomfield Animal Hospital is a trusted name in pets’ preventive, medical, surgical, and emergency care in Lakewood, CA. With a 30-year history as a family-owned pet clinic, it’s reputed for providing modern services in a warm, friendly environment. It’s one of the few veterinary hospitals to be AAHA-accredited.

Dr. Jose Arambulo, owner and chief veterinarian is experienced in treating eye, ear, and skin disorders and is especially interested in internal medicine, dentistry and soft tissue surgery. The hospital also utilizes the services of board-certified veterinarians, Dr. Ann Reed – Radiologist, and Dr. Fred Brewer – Cardiologist.

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