Quality Services Minimize the Risk of Emergencies; Emergency Care Provides Peace of Mind and Immediate Treatment

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We at Bloomfield Animal Hospital empathize with our clients. We appreciate how scary and stressful it can be when our pets don’t “act right” or “like themselves” and don’t want to eat, lay around, and otherwise display abnormal behaviors. Fortunately, Dr. Jose Arambulo and our team in Lakewood, California, have the advanced capabilities and equipment to provide immediate emergency care and the highest quality, ongoing veterinary care to prevent conditions or diagnose them proactively.

Emergency Clinic for Pets in Lakewood CA Area
Our clinic is among a selected group of American Animal Hospital Association-accredited practices in the United States and Canada. Thus, our clients have peace of mind that we will resolve their pet’s pain and other symptoms, as well as the underlying source of those symptoms, quickly and in a way that is in the best interests of their pets’ long-term health. We also partner with some of the region’s top specialty and emergency care providers for utmost continuity of care when clients’ pets are sick and as they recover. You can find a complete list of our recommended partners on this website.

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“Emergency” is not a cut-and-dried term. It can be many different things, from accidents that cause trauma and acute pain to chronic conditions whose symptoms may evolve over time. No one knows your dog or cat better than you do. They can’t verbalize precisely how they feel. You may be among the few individuals to pick up on the subtle signs that something is amiss with your dog or cat. You are your pet’s best advocate. We welcome your questions or concerns and can promptly accommodate your pet.

The American Veterinary Medical Association has also provided a list of symptoms, which primarily require professional care sooner rather than later. These conditions include:

  • Serious bleeding that does not let up
  • Labored breathing
  • Forceful coughing, which may be accompanied by gagging or frothing
  • Straining when trying to go to the bathroom
  • Chronic constipation
  • Seizures
  • Staggering
  • Tremors and persistent panting (potential signs of heat exhaustion)
  • 2-plus episodes of severe vomiting and diarrhea within 24 hours

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It is also critical to monitor your pet’s water intake to prevent dehydration and associated complications. We encourage all human members of your household to have access to our number on their phones or a handy place in the home – 562 383-7788. The same goes for poison control ((888) 426-4435) in California; anticoagulant rat bait is the No. 1 reason pet owners call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. Other common toxins include medications like Ibuprofen and chocolate.

While these threats can generally be avoided or minimized, we understand that accidents happen. Existing diseases or problems can become increasingly worse. Our team at Bloomfield Animal Hospital in Lakewood is here for you and your pet, regardless of need.
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Bloomfield Animal Hospital is a trusted name in pets’ preventive, medical, surgical, and emergency care in Lakewood, CA. With a 30-year history as a family-owned pet clinic, it’s reputed for providing modern services in a warm, friendly environment. It’s one of the few veterinary hospitals to be AAHA-accredited.

Dr. Jose Arambulo, owner and chief veterinarian is experienced in treating eye, ear, and skin disorders and is especially interested in internal medicine, dentistry and soft tissue surgery. The hospital also utilizes the services of board-certified veterinarians, Dr. Ann Reed – Radiologist, and Dr. Fred Brewer – Cardiologist.