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Companion Animal Dentistry in Lakewood area
Quality dental care is not limited to humans. You need to take care of your pet’s teeth and mouth also. Located in Lakewood, Bloomfield Animal Hospital offers companion animal dentistry to maintain your beloved pet’s oral and overall health. Senior pets are especially susceptible to dental disease, making proper oral care crucial.

An estimated 80 percent of dogs and 50 percent of cats over the age of 3 have some form of dental disease. This common problem may be hiding behind your pet’s loving smile. Unfortunately, it can pose a risk to your pet’s health. The health of the mouth affects the rest of the body. Dental disease often causes pain, sensitivity, and inflammation but is also linked to internal health problems. As bacteria builds up in the mouth, it can easily enter the bloodstream to spread and cause problems throughout the body including heart disease and diabetes complications.

Signs of dental disease

Dental disease can be painful and can make it difficult for your pet to eat. Dental problems can begin during youth, but they can be even more serious for senior pets. After years of buildup, older animals have weakened immune systems and are less able to fight bacteria. Although animals are good at hiding their discomfort, there are signs to watch for that may point to oral health issues.
  • Bad breath - Animals are not supposed to have bad breath. A bad odor is often the first, most noticeable sign that bacteria is accumulating in the mouth.
  • Tartar - As plaque accumulates and hardens, it becomes tartar. Plaque can be brushed away at home. Tartar requires professional dental services.
  • Red or swollen gums - Dental x-rays show that a large portion of the teeth are under the gums. Even if the crowns of the teeth look healthy, problems could be lurking behind the gums. As bacteria builds up in the mouth, especially around the gumline, the gums become infected, swollen, and/or red.
  • Problems eating - When dental disease gets to the point where your pet is in pain, he/she may eat differently. Food may fall out of the sides of his/her mouth. Your pet may play with the food or seem uninterested in eating as well.
  • Behavioral changes - Many owners assume slowing down and being less active is normal in older pets. In some cases, a lack of energy is due to bacteria and dental disease wearing them out.

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Dentistry for senior companion animals

Just as you clean your own teeth and see a dentist regularly. You must establish a regular routine to clean your pet’s teeth. Have your vet check the teeth and gums regularly for signs of decay or gum disease. Discuss dental cleanings, brushing the teeth, and special treats with your veterinarian to ensure you are properly caring for your pet’s mouth. Bloomfield Animal Hospital recommends companion animal dentistry services to help prevent and detect oral problems. This includes deep cleaning, x-rays, and checking for and treating signs of dental disease.

Quality dental care can extend your pet’s life. Keep your pet’s mouth healthy with companion animal dentistry services. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jose Arambulo and Bloomfield Animal Hospital in Lakewood, CA today. Call 562 383-7788.
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Bloomfield Animal Hospital is a trusted name in pets’ preventive, medical, surgical, and emergency care in Lakewood, CA. With a 30-year history as a family-owned pet clinic, it’s reputed for providing modern services in a warm, friendly environment. It’s one of the few veterinary hospitals to be AAHA-accredited.

Dr. Jose Arambulo, owner and chief veterinarian is experienced in treating eye, ear, and skin disorders and is especially interested in internal medicine, dentistry and soft tissue surgery. The hospital also utilizes the services of board-certified veterinarians, Dr. Ann Reed – Radiologist, and Dr. Fred Brewer – Cardiologist.